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Fraud protection is everyone's job.


Why We All Need To Take Cybersecurity Seriously

At EagleBank, we take cybersecurity very seriously. It demands a lot of our time and effort to ensure our systems, your information – and your dollars – are protected. We work proactively to understand and manage the cyber threats and 风险 we face on a day-to-day basis. Many believe that it’s not a case of “if” you will get hacked or scammed, 但是“当,” so we also understand the need to be prepared for the worst; and so should you!

One major threat involves cyber criminals who focus their efforts on targeting security weaknesses in personal and business 银行 information systems and processes. For example, we continue to see phishing campaigns aimed at taking over customer email accounts. 最新骗局, known as “业务 电子邮件 Compromise,” involves bogus email requests and altered instructions for wiring money to fraudulent bank accounts, sometimes overseas and often, the funds are never recovered. The simple message is not to trust email instructions alone, particularly for financial transactions; always check and verify the instructions via an alternative method such as a phone call to a number on file, text, or even a face-to-face discussion with the sender. More details on what you can do are available by downloading our “Cybersecurity Tips: 业务 电子邮件 Compromise” brochure below.

We are always willing to work with our customers to review the proper and safe use of online and/or traditional 银行 服务, but it is critical that we all work together to improve security, 保护信息, and help reduce cyber crime, 舞弊及财务损失. We strongly encourage you to take cybersecurity as seriously as we do; we are all truly in this together. Please visit this page often and use the information available 在这里 to learn more about cyber threats, 风险, and fraudulent methods that put your information, 金钱和身份面临风险. 至少, follow and know the security basics so we can help each other to stay protected from cyber criminals and fraudsters.

Please find below some convenient tips to keep you and your business safe:

Below are additional resources for you to review.

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We urge you to remain vigilant to scams related to COVID 19. 



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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has released the internet crime data for 2020.  Read its annual report 在这里: 


Crime type data by victim and subject count, loss and age group by state: 

EagleBank can help you navigate the process if you have been the victim of fraud:

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